Education Consultant

At SIYG Consulting Firm LLC., we pride ourselves on our expertise in Education Consulting. Taking responsibility for collaborating with advisors, educators, and community engagement staff, contributing to the organizations student-centric focus, retention and graduation outcomes. Facilitating initiatives and training; ensured compliance with the organizations quality student engagement strategies as well as serving as a coach for students and faculty. We use best practices surrounding all of our consulting techniques. We look forward to connecting with you and assisting with all of your educational needs.

Restorative Practice

Utilizing learning & decision-making skills to achieve social discipline in our schools. Providing educators with a creative positive technique in order to decrease the preschool to prison pipeline stigma plaguing schools across the country. We believe in engaging the community, equipping teachers, involving students in peer lead restorative practices and evaluating outcomes. With proactive communication and planning we can bridge the gap and positively influence our youth for years to come.


Community Bridging/PD

We believe that in order to enhance quality engagement me must first strengthen our understanding of intersectionality, learn our own identity intersections, and get comfortable with addressing how different intersectional identities face different issues. We we take the time to challenge our perspectives and presumptions regarding people of different backgrounds-be it race, power and privilege, or ability, we start to understand the complexity and uniqueness of our entire being and grasp hold of who we are, we will begin to bridge the gaps in society surrounding many social justice issues


Education Consultation

Our consultations give you the opportunity to connect with our consultants, ask questions, and figure out the best possible way to go about Trainings, exploration, business strategies, and marketing. We tailor your needs and set a plan that allows for flexibility and success.

$45 per hr.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide has become a major public concern and is considered one of the leading causes of death in the United States. This service is suited for youth and youth adults as their battles have grown tremendenously surrounding the topic of death by suicide and suicide ideations. With technology at the forefront we believe in making a difference and allowing youth the space to define and capture who they are and rest on the support of others as well as creating boundaries and building honest, trustworthy relationships with people that will keep them lifted and empowered on their journey. We will talk about coping mechanisms, mental health, and safety planning. Certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Malpractice and Decision Making we want to create a safe place for people to come and find themselves and assist others on the journey to Suicide Prevention.

$45 per hr.

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